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My family This is a specific family line – the Simmonetts from Yorkshire to London. The family line begins in 1558 and will eventually contain the family line up to the present day. A family tree is also available in a printable pdf format showing the family line up to the early 1900s. Photographs will also be included of older family members and documents that maybe of interest to others.

Symonett 'et al' We have been through a number of church records in London, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire which will be updated as more information is made available. Records are in chronological order, consisting of christenings, births, marriages and deaths.

The census From 1851 to 1901, this is one area where some spellings are based on the enumerator's or website companies interpretation. Treat these pages as a reference guide only and use sites such as Ancestry.co.uk and findmypast to look at the original census page.

BMD Although we have spent some time going through the books and collected a vast amount of information we have also used the internet. So as with the census, check the originals first. Births, marriages and deaths are from 1837 to 1910. Additional dates are available and will be included at a later date.

Is it French? This gives you an idea of where the Symonett name may have come from.

The Gallery interesting picture or stories about the Symonett name.

Messageboard Looking for someone. Then please feel free to use this page.

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