1500 to 1994

The church records from the early 1500s for the SIMMONETT line, began at All-Saints' church in the small village of Aston, 8.5 miles south east of Sheffield. The family remained there for nearly 200 years. Around 1750 they moved about 4 miles further east to Anston and the church of St. James. By 1780 the family had moved on to Dinnington 2.5 miles north of Anston and the church of St. Leonard. During the early part of the 1800s, Godfrey son of John and Mary (Cob) moved to London and the line remained in and around the Eastend. Other family members moved to Workshop, Nottinghamshire. Jerimie (Simonit) moved there in the late 1700s, he had two children Elizabeth and John. In the early 1800s John and Francis elder brothers to Godfrey moved to Worksop. John had two children Francis and Millecent, Francis had four chidren, Joanna Clara, Elizabeth Agnes, Anna Maria and John (who incidently married Godfrey’s eldest daughter Ann)

The name has changed over the years, but by 1800 it became the spelling we have today. As yet we have no other links to the Simmonett family in Yorkshire.

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