The church records have given us a great deal of information. They first began in 1538, but it wasn't until 1597 that record keeping became law. The early books were written in Latin and make fascinating reading. Some gave very little information such as Aless dau. of S Apr 13 1559 other entries were more detailed (although no more helpful) Mary a child of a woman that harvested at Capt Hitch indigent, born nine days before Sept 25 1698. Others gave interesting detail such as Henrye Dockrell slain with a loaded cart Aug 14 1607. None of these belong to the Symonett line but, they do show how the information does vary.

Unfortunately some church records are missing. From Aston in Yorkshire which plays a very important part in the Simmonett family history, there is a gap of just over thirty years between 1632–1665. We have read stories of vicars re-using the books to save money and others using the pages to wrap butter. More poignantly, during the Civil War (1643–1647) many towns and villages abandoned the records altogether, some gave scant entries and in some cases complete books were hidden by the clergy – some of which have been completely lost.

The list below contains information we have retrieved from the church records, in Yorkshire and London and the internet. We will continue to update this page with records we currently hold.

Marriage Deaths or Burials
1555 Elizabeth Symonet
ch.22/11/1555 Metheringham, Lincoln
p.Roger Symonet
1558 Joan Symonet
ch.31/12/1558 Metheringham, Lincoln
p.Roger Symonet
1558 Henry Symonett
d.18/12/1558 Aston Yorkshire
1560 Agnes Symonet
ch.16/1/1560 Metheringham, Lincoln
p.Roger Symonet
1564 Anne Symonett
d.9/6/1564 Aston Yorkshire
1568 John Symmonet
ch.24/2/1568 Aston Yorkshire
1570 John Symonett
m.20/6/1570 Marie Sheppard Aston Yorkshire
Maria d. 20/4/1588 Aston
1575 John Symonett
ch.4/9/1575 Aston Yorkshire
p.John and Marie (Sheppard)
1576 George Symonett
ch.21/7/1576 Aston Yorkshire
p.John and Marie (Sheppard)
1582 Catherine Symonett
ch.19/7/1582 Aston Yorkshire
p.John and Marie (Sheppard)
1583 Grace Symonett
ch.1/12/1583 Aston Yorkshire
1585 Godfrey Symonett
ch.21/11/1585 Aston Yorkshire
m.30/11/1613 Frances (Abdy)
p.John and Marie
1586 Symonett
bu.4/3/1586 Aston Yorkshire 'Wife' only on record
1589 Ann Symonett
m.25/2/1589 John Wood Aston Yorkshire
1612 John Simonett
ch.23/9/1612 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey and Frances (Abdy)
1615 George Simminet
m.28/1/1615 Elizabeth Carre Sheffield Cathedral
1616 Anna Simminett
ch.10/4/1616 Sheffield Cathedral
[1] possibly married Elizabeth Carre, also known as George J
1617 Hellena Simminett
ch 23/11/1617 Sheffield Cathedral
1618 James Simonett
ch.21/2/1618 Aston Yorkshire
bu.12/12/1695 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey and Frances (Abdy)
Godfrey Symonet of Aughton
1619 Sam Simminett
ch.8/12/1619 Sheffield Cathedral
d.9/12/1619 Sheffield Cathedral
1619 Infant Symminett
d.9/12/1619 Sheffield Cathedral 
1621 Mary Symonet
m.23/4/1621 Richard Green Aston
1621 George Simminett
ch.15/7/1621 Sheffield Cathedral
1622 Godfrey Simonett
ch.21/11/1622 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey and Frances (Abdy)
1624 Elizabeth Simminett
ch.28/6/1624 Sheffield Cathedral
1625 Ellen Symonet
ch.18/1/1625 Aston Yorkshire
bu.26/2/1688 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey and Frances (Abdy)
1625 Anna Simminett
m.20/4/1625 Thomas Coole Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1625 Elizabetha Siminit
m.15/6/1625 Abrahamus Sheldon Baslow, Derby
1626 Johannes Symonett
m.19/2/1626 Catharina Harpam Hickleton
1626 Georgius Simminett
d.1/5/1626 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
Possibly born 1621
1626 Elizabeth Simminett
m.11/10/1626 Miles Troughton Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1627 William Simmonet
ch.25/12/1627 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey and Frances (Abdy)
1627 Thomas Symonett
ch.26/12/1627 Hickleton
p.John and Catherine (Harpam)
1630 William Symonett
m.21/2/1630 Marie Mann St. Helen Bishopsgate, London Witness: Charles W Mann
1631 Francis Symmonet
ch.7.5.1631 All Saints' Aston Yorkshire
m.12.11.1668 Mary (Collier) Aston
Mary (Collier) bu.
11.7.1682 Aston
29.6.1686 Anne (Upton) Aston
Francis bu. 10.7.1686 Aston
Ann bu.2.10.1724 Aston
& Frances (Abdy)
name on register – Simonit for the first marriage, Simonet for the second marriage and Symonet for burial.
1632 Catharina Symonet
ch.1/1/1632 Hickleton
p.John and Catherine (Harpam)
1632 Ana Simminett
d.22/4/1632 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1632 Elizabeth Simminett
d.1/12/1632 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Geo (uxor)
Possibly born 1624
1634 Richardus Symonett
ch.26/1/1634 Hickleton
p.John and Catherine (Harpam)
1637 Elisabetha Symonet
ch.6/1/1637 Hickleton
p Johanis and Catherine (Harpam)
1640 Hellen Simonett
m.21/9/1640 Alexandr Anderton Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1646 Will'us Simmonett
d.19/9/1646 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1655 Elizabeth Simonett
m.30/10/1675 Mathew Parkin Harthill
1656 Thomas Simonett
m.20/5/1656 Ann Bartholomew St. Margaret,
Westminster, London
1657 Elizabeth Siminett
m.23/6/1657 Thomas Richards St. Paul Covent Garden, Westminster, London
1660 John Simmonett
d.6/5/1660 Saint Peter Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1662 Mary Symonett
d.11/7/1662 Aston
1662 Rich Simonit
m.1662 Martha Tomlin Cogges, Oxford
1664 Thomas Simmonet
m.abt.1694 Jane Simmonet Boldon, Durham
1667 Edward Symonet
d.25/8/1667 Aston Yorkshire
1669 John Symonet
ch.10/10/1669 Aston Yorkshire
p.Francis and Mary (Collier)
Simmonett for burial
1670 John Simmonet
m.28/5/1670 Sarah Reinhold St. Clement Danes, Westminster, London
1672 James Simonet
ch.1/9/1672 Aston Yorkshire
p.Francis and Mary (Collier)
Symonit for burial
1673 Godfrey Simonit
ch.21/12/1673 Aston Yorkshire
bu.13/3/1736 Aston Yorkshire
p.Francis and Mary (Collier)
Symmonet for burial
1674 Martin Simonett
m.13/8/1674 Priscilla Beeley Beighton, Derby
1675 William Symonet
ch.21/11/1675 Aston Yorkshire
bu.16/8/1676 Aston Yorkshire
p.Francis and Mary (Collier)
1675 Elizabeth Simonett
m.30/10/1675 Mathew Parkin Harthill, Yorkshire
1676 Elizabeth Symonett
m.5/10/1676 John Middleton Sheffield Cathedral
Relative James H Wells
1677 Anne Symonet
ch.15/7/1677 Aston Yorkshire
p.Francis and Mary (Collier)
1678 Jacob (James) Symmonet
m.21/11/1678 Hellen Stones Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
Hellen (Stones) b. abt.1657
1678 James Semanit
ch.17/2/1678 Mirfield p. Joshua
1678 Edward Simonet
ch.23/3/1678 Aston Yorkshire
bu.11/4/1679 Aston Yorkshire
p.Francis and Mary (Collier)
Symonet of burial
1679 Elizabeth Symmonet
d.6/1/1679 Middleton Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.James and Helen (Stones)
1679 Elizabeth Simonet
m.12/10/1679 Mark Mallender Killamarsh, Derby
1680 Elizabeth Simminett
ch.6/1/1680 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1680 William Simonet
ch.21/3/1680 Mirfield Yorkshire
1680 Judith Simenite
ch.27/6/1680 Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London
p.John and Hellen Simenite
1682 Johannes Simmonet
ch.25/3/1682 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.James & Helen (Stones) Symmonet
James b.c.1653 Helen born 1657 m.21/11/1678 Sheffield, Yorkshire
1682 Mary (Collier) Symonet
d.11/7/1682 Aston Yorkshire
1684 Jacobi (Infant) Simonett
d.25/3/1684 Sheffield Cathedral Anna
uxor Georgii Smith
1685 Isaac Simanett
ch.17/5/1685 Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London
p.John and Eleanor Simanett
1685 Elizabeth Simmonett
ch.12/7/1685 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
15/7/1685 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1686 Maria Symmonet
ch.21/10/1686 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1687 John Simenitt
ch.24/4/1687 Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London
p John and Eleanor Simenitt
1687 Martha Simonett
ch.18/10/1687 St. Margaret, Westminster, London
p.Edward and Mary Simonett
1689 Maria Symmonet
ch.15/12/1689 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1690 Mary Simmynet
m.9/2/1690 John Smith St. Michael At Plea, Norwich, Norfolk
1691 Anne Simeonett
m.13/11/1712 William Owen Rotherham Yorkshire b.abt.1691
1694 Jane Simmonet (Mrs)
m.abt.1694 Thomas Simmonett Boldon, Durham b.abt.1668
1694 John Simonet
m.10/9/1694 Anne Listrot St. James Dukes Place, London
1695 Thomas Simmonet
ch.25/2/1695 Boldon, Durham
p.Thomas and Jane
1695 James Symonet
d.12/12/1695 Aston Yorkshire (of Aughton)
1699 Elizabeth Simanett
ch.13/7/1699 Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London
p.John and Helen Simanett
1703 Grace Symonet
m.26/2/1703 Josephus Marshall St Peter Cathedral
Sheffield, Yorkshire
additional date 26/3/1704
1707 James Simmonett
d.8/5/1707 Eccleshall
1712 Elizabeth Simmonit
d.15/10/1793 aged 81 Anston Yorkshire b.1712
1712 Anne Simeonett
m.13/11/1712 William Oven Rotherham
1717 Mary Simanit
m.5/5/1717 John Hall Edale, Derby
1718 Francis Simonet
ch.10/8/1718 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey o.labourer
1720 John Simanit
m.19/2/1720 Margaret Blowfield Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate, London
1720 Margeret Simonet
ch.11/10/1720 Aston Yorkshire
Godfrey o.labourer (1673)
1721 Elizabeth Siminit
ch.27/7/1721 Handsworth
1722 Ann Simonet
ch.4/11/1722 Aston Yorkshire
26/3/1723 Aston Yorkshire
o.labourer (1673)
1723 George Simmanitt
ch.15/10/1723 Handsworth Yorkshire
1724 Ann (Upton) Simonet
d.2/10/1724 Aston p.Francis
1725 Ann Simminett
ch.20/1/1725 Handsworth p.William
1725 Sarah Simminet
m.2/6/1755 Thomas Crosland Handsworth,
(additional date m.20/6/1755)
Buried 16 Mar 1795 (Thomas Crosland was buried 26 FEB
1726 Godfrey Simonet
ch.31/7/1726 Aston Yorkshire
15/10/1793 Aston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey o.labourer
Simmonit on Elizabeth burial
1727 Samuel Simonet
ch.7/5/1727 St. Anne Soho, Westminster, London
p.Jeremiah & Sarah Simonet
1728 Martin Simmonet
m.22/4/1728 Anne Ardron Rotherham
1728 Sarah Simonitt
ch.8/5/1728 Handsworth Yorkshire
1728 John Simonitt
m.28/5/1728 Mary Chapman Handsworth
1729 Mary Simmenit
ch.30/3/1729 Handsworth Yorkshire
1729 John Simonet
m.7/10/1729 Ann Saunders Burton Upon Trent, Stafford
1729 Marie Simonet
ch.20/4/1729 Bell Lane And Browns Lane and Marche Church French Huguenot, Stepney, London
p.Jean & Jeanne Simonet
1730 John Symmonet
bu.3/5/1730 Aston
 p.Godfrey of Aughton
o.labourer (1673)
Symmonet of Aughton
1730 Isaac Simonet
m.28/9/1730 Hannah Keddigood St. Benet Pauls Wharf, London Isaac possibly born 17/5/1685
1730 Martin Symonet
ch.27/10/1730 Rotherham Yorkshire
m.15/7/1751 Anne Dobson Rotherham
1731 Hannah Simminitt
ch.20/6/1731 Handsworth Yorkshire
1731 Ann Simminitt
ch.15/8/1731 Handsworth Yorkshire
1732 John Symonet
ch.12/6/1732 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin Symmonet
1733 Anne Simonet
ch.28/10/1733 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
p. Jean & Margueritte (Mareau) Simonet
1734 Lydia Siminet
ch.7/4/1734 Handsworth
1734 Elizabeth Siminet
ch.2/6/1734 Handsworth Yorkshire
1734 Mary Symmonett
m.26/12/1734 Stephn Story of Anston Yorkshire
p.Godfrey labourer (1673)
Mary of Aughton – Symmonett of Aughton Yorkshire
Stephen Story o.Nailer
1737 Marguerite Simonet
ch.23/9/1737 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
p. Jean & Margueritte (Mareau) Simonet
1740 John Simminit
ch.20/8/1740 Handsworth Yorkshire
1741 Jean Simonet
ch.30/9/1741 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
p.Jean & Marguerite (Mareau)
1741 William Simonitt
ch.15/11/1741 Handsworth Yorkshire
1744 Abraham Simonet
ch.23/9/1744 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
p.Jean & Marguerite (Mareaux)
1745 William Simminitt
ch.18/8/1745 Handsworth Yorkshire
Additional date Simminit 30/8/1745
1746 Judith Simonet
ch.14/9/1746 Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, London
p.Jean & Marguerite (Mareau)
1749 Mary Simunet
m.21/1/1749 Isaac Biggen Norton, Derby
1749 Elizabeth Siminet
m.1/5/1749 Edward Bagshaw Whiston
1750 Anne Semonet
p.George Allen St. George Mayfair, Westminster, London
1751 Ann Simonet
ch.30/7/1751 Ecclesfield Yorkshire
p.Godfrey of Mortomley & Elizabeth
1751 Martin Simmonet
m.15/7/1751 Anne Dodson Rotherham, Yorkshire
1751 John Simmonett
m.20/10/1751 Mary Wade Rotherham Yorkshire
1752 Elis Simmonet
c.9/2/1752 Anston, Yorkshire
p.Francis Simmonet
1752 Elizabeth Simmonight
ch.5/11/1752 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1752 Mary Simmonight
ch.27/10/1752 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1753 Sarah Symminet
m.16/9/1753 Ecclesfield Yorkshire
p.Godfrey & Elizabeth
Symminet of Mortomley
1754 Martin Simmonight
ch.5/5/1754 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1754 Sarah Simmonight
ch.1/11/1754 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1755 Ann Simminet
m.5/5/1755 Joseph Firth Handsworth Yorkshire
1755 Sarah Simminet
m.2/6/1755 Thomas Crosland Handsworth
Additional dates 20/6/1755
1755 William Simonit
m.13/11/1780 Mary Richardson Rotherham,
1756 Hannah Simmonight
ch.18/5/1756 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1757 Martha Simmonight
ch.24/1/1757 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1758 John Simmonight
ch.9/7/1758 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1759 William Simmonight
ch.14/6/1759 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1759 Sarah Simmanit
p.John Bertles Norton, Derby
1760 Anne Simmonight
ch.19/6/1760 Rotherham Yorkshire
of Greasborough
1760 Hannah Simmonet
m.23/11/1760 Samuel Burkhead Harthill
1760 John
m.Mary o.Weaver
1761 Fanny Simmonight
ch.20/1/1761 Rotherham Yorkshire
parents to John, Frances and the two Godfreys – moved from Dinnington to Anston after 1784 then possibly to Worksop?
1762 Jane Simmonight
ch.3/12/1762 Rotherham Yorkshire
1763 John Simmonight
ch.29/1/1763 Rotherham Yorkshire
1763 John Simmonet
m.1/6/1763 Esther Barnes Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1764 William Simonit
ch.15/1/1764 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1765 Joseph Siminet
m.5/8/1765 Esther Capper Whiston Yorkshire
1766 Elizabeth Simmonet
ch.1/4/1766 Handsworth
22/8/1791 John Thomson Handsworth (Simonet)
1766 Sarah Simonet
ch.20/1/1766 Handsworth Yorkshire
Additional date 26/1/1766
1768 Elizabeth Simmonet
ch.1/4/1768 Handsworth, Yorkshire
p.John Simmonet
1769 Charles Simmonet
ch.27/3/1769 Greasbrough Yorkshire
 p.Jno & Martha
1769 John Siminite
ch.22 Feb 1769 Whiston, Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Esther Siminite
1770 William Simmonet
m.19/8/1770 Sarah Goodwin Handsworth Yorkshire
1771 John Simonet
ch.3/2/1771 Handsworth Yorkshire
1771 Ann Simonet
ch.31/3/1771 Handsworth Yorkshire
1772 Elizbeth Simmonite
m.29/10/1772 Abraham Whitacre Rotherham Yorkshire
1772 Tabitha Simminet
ch.19/6/1772 Greasbrough Yorkshire
p.Jno & Martha
1773 Mary Simonet
ch.31/1/1773 Handsworth Yorkshire
1773 Ann Simonet
ch.21/11/1773 Handsworth Yorkshire
1774 Mary Siminite
ch.28/7/1774 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Esther
1774 Mary Simmonet
m.30/1/1774 Thomas Rodgers Rotherham
1775 Sarah Simonit
m.9/1/1775 Richard Moore Rothwell
1775 John Simonet
ch.19/3/1775 Handsworth Yorkshire
1775 Elizabeth Simmonet
ch.5/11/1775 Greasbrough Yorkshire
1775 Martin Simonight
m.18/12/1775 Sarah Barker Rotherham Yorkshire additional date 25/12/1775
wit.John Hatch
1777 Joseph Simonet
ch.18/5/1777 Handsworth Yorkshire
1777 William Simonet
ch.26/10/1777 Handsworth Yorkshire
1778 Ann Simonite
ch.13/9/1778 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Sarah
1780 William Simonit
ch.13/11/1780 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Mary (Richardson)
1780 Hannah Simmonite
m.28/11/1780 Abraham Hall Rawmarsh
1780 Martha Simminit
m.28/11/1780 James Oxley Adwick Upon Dearne, Yorkshire
1780 Elizabeth Simonet
ch.24/12/1780 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Sarah
1781 Isaac Simmonet
ch.18/11/1781 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
 p.John & Esther
1781 Martin Symnit
ch.26/12/1781 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Sarah
1781 Sarah Siminite
ch.11/2/1781 Whiston Yorkshire
m.1803 James Wilkinson Whiston
p.William & Mary
1782 Jane Simmonite
m.25/12/1782 Edward Bentley Rawmarsh
1782 Edward Simonet
ch.15/9/1782 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Sarah
1782 Mary Siminite
ch.2/4/1782 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Esther
1783 Sarah Simmonet
m.16/11/1783 Joseph Shepherd Rotherham
1784 John Simmonett
b.24/21784 Dinnington Yorkshire
12/4/1784 Dinnington Yorkshire
p.John & Mary
1786 William Simmonet
m.20/2/1786 Mary Clark Sheffield Cathedral
1786 John Siminet
ch.10/10/1786 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
o.shoemaker (Cordwainer)
1787 John Simonite
ch.20/5/1787 Rotherham, Yorkshire
p.Martin & Sarah Simonite
1787 John Simmonet
m.26/6/1787 Mary Coe Maltby nr Rotherham
1787 Francis Simmonett
b.12/3/1787 Anston Yorkshire
20/6/1811 Mary (Fitspatrick)
1869 a.82 Worksop
p.John & Mary
Francis o.Taylor
Francis (or his wife?) may have become a catholic as son Johns marriage was. – Lived at Newgate St 1841, Potter St 1848 & 35 Collinsons Yard in 1851
1787 John Simonite
ch.20/5/1787 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Sarah
1789 George Simmonet
m.30/3/1789 Elizabeth Rose Sheffield Cathedral
1789 Ann Siminite
ch.25/12/1789 Whiston Yorkshire
p.John & Mary
1789 Elizabeth Simmonet
ch.17/6/1789 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1789 Godfrey Simmonit
b.24/9/1789 Anston Yorkshire
1/5/1789 Anston Yorkshire
p.John & Mary
1789 Celia Siminet
m.26/10/1789 Thomas Jourden St. Leonards, Shoreditch, London
1790 Ann Siminite
ch.23/5/1790 Whiston Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1790 Frances Simonite
ch.16/2/1790 Rawmarsh
1790 Godfrey Simmonett
b.7/9/1791 Anston Yorkshire lived at Thurlow
m.1818 Sarah Topps Southwark London
p.John & Mary
Lived at Bethnal Green 8/1818 and Gee St in 1871 (census). Sarah died 3/6/1839 of Jaundice at 6 Middle Street, Cloth – certificate for Sarah, Godfreys name is George on 1871 census
1791 Joseph Siminight
ch.23/1/1791 St. Saviour, Southwark, London
p.Joseph & Fanny
1791 Isaac Simmonett
ch.10/7/1791 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
also p.William & Sarah?
1791 Elizabeth Simonet
m.22/8/1791 John Thomson Handsworth, Yorkshire
1791 John Simonett
p.Jarome & Clare (Handley)
1791 John Simmonet
m.11/9/1791 Jane Hartley Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1791 Mary Simonet
ch.26/12/1791 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1792 Mary Simonite
ch.22/4/1792 Whiston Yorkshire
p.John & Mary
1793 Ann Simonet
m.21/10/1793 Chritopher Barker Handsworth Yorkshire
1793 Sarah Simmonite
ch.15/12/1793 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1793 William Symonett
ch.3/5/1793 Bradford
1794 William Simmonet
ch.5/1/1794 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1795 Mary Simmonet
ch.19/4/1795 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances of physick Jbo – druggist
1795 Edward Simonet
ch.7/6/1795 Handsworth Yorkshire
1795 William Simmonet
ch.4/10/1795 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1795 Mary Simonet
m.7/10/1795 William Ronksley Handsworth Yorkshire
1795 Ann Simmonet
m.20/12/1795 James Nichol Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1796 Ann Simmonite
ch.25/12/1796 Greasbrough Yorkshire
1796 Joseph Simmonett
ch.17/4/1796 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1797 Nancy Simonet
ch.13/1/1797 Bradford Yorkshire
p.John & Sarah
1797 Elizabeth Simmonite
ch.16/6/1797 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances
1797 Sarah Simonite
ch.25/6/1797 Whiston Yorkshire
m.9/9/1817 George Owen Whiston Yorkshire
 p.John & Mary
1797 William Simonet
m.10/7/1797 Ann Lee Handsworth Yorkshire
1798 Elizabeth Simonett
m.20/10/1798 John Crosland Sheffield Yorkshire
1798 Joseph Simmonite
ch.7/2/1798 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1798 Sarah Simmonett
ch.29/4/1798 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1799 Sarah Simonett
m.25/3/1799 Robert Scattergood Burton Upon Trent, Stafford
1799 Mary Simeonett
ch.5/1799 Bradford Yorkshire
1799 Giuseppe Simonete
m.28/7/1799 Mary Dale St Mary Castlegate York
1799 Elizabeth Simonett
ch.23/10/1799 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth o. taylor
1799 William Simnitt
m.25/11/1799 Mary Jenkinson Rotherham Yorkshire
1800 Charles Simonett
m.21/5/1800 Mary Mather Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1800 Joseph Simonite
m.27/6/1800 Mary Straw Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1800 John Simmonite
ch.20/6/1800 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Charles & Mary
1800 Joseph Simmonett
m.Mary Ann Taylor
Joseph was an engineer in London no link to Yorkshire
1800 Esther Simonite
ch.2/11/1800 Whiston Yorkshire
p.John & Mary
1801 James Simonett
ch.25/1/1801 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
o.shoemaker (Cordwainer)
1801 John Simmonett
ch.12/4/1801 St. Peter Cathedral Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1801 Joseph Simmonett
ch.15/7/1801 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1802 Ann Simmonett
ch.2/4/1802 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Thomas & Frances
p.Symmonett on Reg
1802 Joseph Simmonett
ch.1/8/1802 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1802 Joseph Simonet
ch.12/3/1802 Bradford Yorkshire
m.14/4/1827 Mary Ann (Crabtree)
1803 John Simonett
m.26/12/1803 Hannah Rogers Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1803 Sarah Simonite
m.1803 James Wilkinson Whiston, Yorkshire
1803 Martha Simonite
ch.3/7/1803 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Charles & Mary
1803 Mary Simmonite
ch.1/5/1803 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1804 Martin Simmonite
m.14/2/1804 Ann Satterfitt Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1804 Edward Simmonet
m.25/12/1804 Amelia Martin Handsworth Yorkshire
1804 Joseph Simonite
m.6/2/1804 Frances Aukland Rotherham Yorkshire
1804 Ann Simonite
ch.25/11/1804 Rotherham Yorkshire
1804 Isaac Simonite
15/4/1804 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1804 John Simmonet
ch.11/11/1804 Masbrough Independent Chapel
p.Martin & Ann
1805 Ann Simmonite
ch.3/11/1805 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1805 John Simmonite
ch.9/6/1805 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1805 William Simmonet
ch.4/6/1805 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.Edward & Amelia
1806 Hannah Simmonite
ch.7/1/1806 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances
1806 Henry Simmonite
13/7/1806 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1806 Sarah Simmonet
ch.26/10/1806 Masbrough Independant Chapel
p.Martin & Ann
1806 Frances Simmonite
m.23/2/1807 Thomas Middleton Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1807 Elizabeth Simmonite
m.23/8/1807 Edward Smith Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1807 Ann Simmonet
ch.10/4/1807 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.Edward & Amelia
1807 Elizabeth Simmonite
b.5/10/1807 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
29/11/1807 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Hannah o.bookeeper
1808 Joseph Simonite
m.6/6/1808 Frances Simonite Whiston Yorkshire
1808 Frances Simonite
m.6/6/1808 Joseph Simonite Whiston Yorkshire
1808 Ann Simmonett
ch.3/4/1808 Aston Yorkshire
Ann was illegitimate
1808 Mary Simonite
ch.17/4/1808 Whiston Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1808 Thomas Simonite
ch.10/7/1808 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1808 Charles Simonet (Jno.)
ch.11/12/1808 St. Paul, Deptford, London
p.Josh & Sarah
1809 John Simmonite
m.9/10/1809 Barbara Ingoldsby Rotherham Yorkshire
1809 Ann Simmonite
m.28/2/1809 Henry Bennett Rotherham Yorkshire
1810 Thomas Simmonite
ch.4/2/1810 St.Peter Cathedral, Sheffield, Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1809 Edwin Simmonite
b.8/12/1809 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1/1/1809 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1809 Thomas Simmonet
ch.6/7/1809 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.Edward & Amelia
1809 Thomas Simmonite
ch.2/2/1810 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1810 Ann Simmonet
m.3/1/1810 Samuel Butche Maltby nr Rotherham Yorkshire
1810 Martin Simmonite
m.21/6/1810 Ann Morley Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1810 John Simonite
b.6/8/1810 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
ch.26/8/1810 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Barbara
1810 Mary Simmonite
b.12/3/1810 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
ch.29/4/1810 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Hannah
1810 Sarah Simmonite
ch.25/11/1810 Greasbrough Yorkshire
p.Martin & Ann
1810 Thomas Simmonet
ch.17/6/1810 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Hannah
1810 Thomas Simmonet
ch.30/12/1810 Masbrough Independent Chapel
p.Martin & Ann
1811 Mary Simonite
m.14/4/1811 Samuel Binney Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1811 John Simmonite
m.6/7/1811 Elizabeth Parford Stoke Damerel, Devon
1811 Ann Simonite
b.2/7/1811 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
28/7/1811 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1812 Mary Simonite
m.25/2/1812 George Guest Rotherham Yorkshire
1812 Louis Simonet
m.21/6/1812 Sarah Hare St.-Mary St.-Marylebone Road, London
1812 Elizabeth Simmonite
b.26/10/1812 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
30/11/1812 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.George & Elizabeth
1812 Hannah Simmonett
b.4/11/1812 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
ch.6/12/1812 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Hannah
1812 Sarah Simmonet
ch.25/10/1812 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Hannah
1812 William Simmonite
b.10/6/1812 ch.5/7/1812 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Barbara
1813 Thomas Simmonites
m.19/4/1813 Hannah Lilley Whiston Yorkshire
1813 Ann Simmonet
ch.3/1/1813 Masbrough Independent Chapel
p.Martin & Ann
1813 John Simmonite
ch.10/10/1813 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances
1813 Jonathan Simmonet
ch.14/2/1813 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.Edward & Amelia
1814 Virgilia Jane Simonetti
ch.20/6/1814 Richmond Near Leyburn RC
p.Joseph & Mary
1814 Isaac Simmonite
ch.10/7/1814 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
 p.John & Barbara
1814 Thomas Simmonite
ch.11/9/1814 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Thomas & Hannah
1814 Mary Simmonight
m.28/9/1814 Thomas Parkinson Sheffield Cathedral
1814 Louis Henry Simonet
ch.5/9/1814 St.-Mary St.-Marylebone Road, London
p.Louise & Sarah
1814 Mary Simmonite
ch.25/12/1814 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Ann
1814 Ann Simmonite
m.31/12/1814 William Redfren Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1815 Sarah Simmonite
m.20/12/1815 Thomas Kirk Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1815 William Simonite
m.12/6/1815 Elizabeth Fletcher Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1815 Edwin Simmonite
ch.9/7/1815 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1815 John Simnett
ch.18/6/1815 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Hannah
1816 William Simonet
m.15/10/1816 Anne Dawson Tong
1816 Joseph Simmonite
m.25/2/1816 Christiana Silvester Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1816 Edwin Simonite
ch.4/2/1816 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Barbara
1816 George Simmonet
ch.31/3/1816 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.Edward & Amelia
1816 Martha Simonite
ch.12/5/1816 Whiston Yorkshire
 p.Joseph & Frances
1816 Jane Simmonett
b.1816 Worksop Nottinghamshire
p.Francis & Mary Fitspatrick
1816 Elizabeth Agnes Simmonett
b.1816 Worksop Nottinghamshire
1843 Worksop Nottinghamshire
p.Francis & Mary (Fitspatrick)
1817 Ann Simmonite
ch.29/6/1817 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Thomas & Hannah
1817 Elizabeth Simmonite
ch.2/2/1817 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Ann
1817 Joseph Simmonett
ch.27/4/1817 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
m.1859 Stockton
d.1872 Ecclesall a.56 Yorkshire
p.John & Hannah
1817 Louis Henry Simonet
ch.29/5/1817 Midhurst, Sussex
p.Louis & Sarah
1817 Louis Henry Simonet
ch.29/5/1817 Midhurst, Sussex
p.Louis & Sarah
1817 William David Simonetti
ch.3/8/1817 Richmond Near Leyburn RC
p.Joseph & Mary
1817 Sarah Simmonite
m.9/9/1817 George Owen Whiston, Yorkshire
1817 William Simmonite
ch.9/11/1817 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.William & Rebecca
1818 Isaac Simmonite
m.15/10/1818 Mary Rowbotham Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
1818 Charles Simmonile
ch.28/6/1818 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Mary
1818 Elizabeth Simmonet
ch.3/5/1818 Handsworth Yorkshire
 p.Edward & Amelia
1818 John Simmonett
b.16/6/1818 Thurlow Place Bethnal Green London
9/8/1818 St Matthew, Bethnal Green London
p.Godfrey & Sarah
Possibly died between 1818 & 1822 as Godfrey & Sarah have another John in 1823
1818 Mary Ann Simmonite
ch.2/8/1818 Sheffield Cathedral Yorkshire
p.John & Barbara
1819 Thomas Simmonite
ch.10/1/1819 Whiston, Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances
1819 Mary Simmonite
m.25/12/1819 John Harris Rotherham Yorkshire
1819 William Simonite
m.19/12/1819 Martha Else Whiston
1819 Charlotte Simmonite
ch.14/3/1819 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Ann
1819 Elizabeth Simmonet
ch.14/1/1819 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Elizabeth
1819 John Simmonett
b.1819 Worksop Nottinghamshire
3/7/1848 Ann Simmonett a.28 St Mary Chapel Moorfields Church RC London
.26/9/1867 Sarah Hobson a.48 Chathem
1871 London p.Francis & Mary (Fitspatrick)
John worked as a Chemist, Francis was a Tailor; John and Ann were cousins
1820 David Simmonite
m.3/4/1820 Mary Walker Rotherham Yorkshire
1820 Elizabeth Semmonite
m.21/4/1820 Mathias Rhodes Hinchcliffe West Riding Re.Mary Mitchell Stead
1820 Ann Simmonett
b.21/9/1820 London
ch.26/11/1820 St. George The Martyr, Southwark, London
m.3/7/1848 John Simmonett a.27 28 St Mary Chapel Moorfields Church RC London
p.Godfrey & Sarah
Ann Mary may have died in 1863 Medway
1820 Harriet Simmonet
ch.24/12/1820 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Elizabeth
1820 Joseph Simonetti
ch.26/11/1820 Richmond Near Leyburn
p.Joseph & Isabella (H)
1820 Martha Jeney Simonetti
ch.26/11/1820 Richmond Near Leyburn RC
 p.Joseph & Mary
1820 Ann Simmonett
b.1820 Worksop Nottinghamshire
1849 Worksop Nottinghamshire
p.Francis & Mary (Fitspatrick)
1821 John Simmonite
m.19/10/1821 Thomas Normington Doncastor
1821 Henry Simmonett
ch.1/7/1821 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances
Frances may have died 1851
1821 Henry Simmonite
ch.11/3/1821 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Ann
1821 Mary Simmonite
p.William Bramall Dronfield nr Chesterfield, Derby
relative George Walter Bramwell D.
1821 Samuel Simmonet
ch.16/9/1821 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.Edward & Amelia
1822 Esther Simonett
m.29/1/1822 David Law Wickersley
1822 Mary Simmonite
m.3/7/1822 William Robinson Sheffield Cathedral
1822 Mary Simonitt
m.25/12/1822 Joseph Muff Tong
1822 Mary Simonet
ch.16/6/1822 Ecclesfield Yorkshire
p.David & Mary
1822 Thomas Charles Simmonite
ch.3/11/1822 Rotherham Yorkshire
 p.John & Grace
1822 Thomas Simmonett
b.5/2/1822 London Street, London
5/2/1822 a.0 London Street
p.Godfrey & Sarah
1823 Frances Simonite
ch.19/10/1823 Whiston Yorkshire
p.Joseph & Frances
1823 George Simmonite
ch.16/2/1823 Rotherham Yorkshire
p.Martin & Ann
1823 John Simmonett

ch.17/8/1823 St. George The Martyr, Southwark, London
m.12/2/1848 Eliza (Farrar) St John the Baptist, Hoxton.
d.1888 a.63 Bethnal Green
p.Godfrey & Sarah

Lived at Provost St in 1848 moved to 8 West T North Bermondsey by 1851 also lived at 28 Kay Street Bethnal Green in 1881 with Eliza and Mary Elizabeth. Eliza Anna d.1882 a.60 Bethnal Green
1823 Sarah Simmonet
ch.2/11/1823 Handsworth Yorkshire
p.William & Mary
1823 William Simmonite
ch.3/8/1823 Doncaster Yorkshire
p.William & Sarah
1824 Henry Simmonett
d.1893 Ecclesall Yorkshire
12/7/1849 Emma (Rodgers) Rotherham Yorkshire
1824 Jane Louisa Simonetti
ch.2/10/1824 Richmond Near Leyburn RC
p.Joseph & Mary